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The Pool, POA Board Positions & MVPOA Dues
Posted on May 22nd, 2015 Comments (0)
The Pool is open
A few friendly reminders!
Pool Hours
Open Monday — Friday: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday: 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
You MUST have a pool key to enter the pool area.  All homeowners must have their dues paid and in good standing in order to use the pool.
Please visit our website at http://www.monarchviewpoa.com/info.php?pnum=9 to learn more about our pool rules. Remember this is our community's pool and with your help we can make this a great season. 
 The landscaping crew will be installing rock around the pool house – please be courteous while they are working.
After the pool house is done they will start cleaning up our entrances and adding rock as well. Please note that they may have some entrances blocked during this process.
Election Time
 It’s that time of year where new elections happen.
This year we have VP & Secretary whose positions are up for election.   
If you think you would like to volunteer or at least learn what goes on during a POA meeting, please contact us.
Vice-President. The Vice-President shall act in the place instead of the President in the event of his/her absence, inability, or refusal to act, and shall perform all such other duties as required by the Board, including enforcement of the Covenants and Restrictions, and shall serve as the chair of the Architectural Review Board referred to in Article XI of these ByLaws.
Secretary - The Secretary shall record the votes and keep the minutes of all meetings and proceedings of the Board and of the members; keep the corporate seal of the Association, if any; serve notice of meetings of the Board and of the members; keep appropriate current records showing the members of the Association together with their addresses, and shall perform such other duties as required by the Board.
Homeowners with Outstanding MVPOA Dues as of May 2015
Reminder: You must pay your 2015 dues as the property lien process is starting. Property liens will be placed on the properties of those who have not settled their debt. Balance due amounts will then include an additional $50 late fee, $217 for legal fees and will accrue 1% interest monthly.
Homeowners not in good standing are unable to use the pool, pond, playground or attend any MVPOA sponsored event until dues are paid.

Below is the current list of homeowners with unpaid dues as a friendly reminder:
Lot  14  Fulghem,
2308 SW Westminster Dr.
Lot  51  Taylor,
2697 SW Regal Dr.
Lot  78  Walker
2716 SW Arthur Dr.
Lot 116  Pettus,
2841 SW Carlton Dr.
Lot 128  Denson,
2405 SW Kenwill Dr.
Lot 190  Ahloe,
2620 SW Carlton Dr
Lot 209  Curtis,
2712 SW Carlton Dr
Lot 228  Calahan,
2513 SW Kristin Dr
Monarch View News & Reminders.
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Monarch View News

We would like to say a big Congratulations to our first yard of the month winner!   
We know a lot of homeowners take pride in their yards and we definitely thank them for that.
With well-kept yards comes a well-kept home which means our home values will hopefully keep soaring.
With that being said, over the last week we have had a few complaints regarding yards in the neighborhood. Once we receive a complaint we cruise the neighborhood looking for similar issues.
Many of the issues relate to unmowed grass that exceeds the HOA limit, overgrown weeds and dead trees and shrubs. In lieu of sending out violations, we are asking homeowners to take a moment and look at your yard and landscaping and clean out any debris, remove any dead bushes, weeds, etc. 
Let’s do what we can to be neighborly and keep Monarch View looking its best!
Covenant Reminder
“Weeds and grass shall not exceed 8” in height. Each lot shall be kept cleared of dead shrubs and trees. No lot owner or tenant shall dump or permit the dumping of rubbage, waste, refuse, debris or garbage or similar materials within the land herein described. Firewood used in a wood stove or fireplace shall not be stored anywhere on the front side of any lot including on the driveway. Firewood must also be neatly stacked in a single area behind the front foundation line of the dwelling.”
It’s getting that time of the year – POOL TIME!!!!!!
We know we have a lot of new homeowners in Monarch View and if you are in need of a new pool card Connie will be at the pool in our new and improved pool room registering for new pool cards.  
The dates to get a pool key are May 14th 5-7pm and May 17th 2-4pm.
What’s going on in Monarch View.
Posted on Apr 25th, 2015 Comments (0)

As you can tell the rebuild of the monument at the Elizabeth entrance is in full swing. We just need mother nature to cooperate at this point.
With this new rebuild comes a fresher look for all the monuments as they will all received a fresh coat of paint.
I Want To Rock!
This year our grounds crew will be busy replacing all the mulch with rock. This will be a great improvement and will reduce the annual maintenance costs for grounds.
Let there be light.
We are also in the works with Lees Summit to add a street light on Regency. This light will be on the North side of Regency half way between Arthur and Carlton.
Garage Sale Reminder –
The Annual neighborhood Garage Sale is this week. Starting Thursday (4/30) at 8 am until Saturday – the weather looks to be beautiful at this point. However weather has never stopped us before Rain, Sun or Snow….our garages sales will go on!
A Friendly Reminder the city of Lee’s Summit has various City Ordinances related to maintenance and use of property.
Here are some:
•             Tall grass and weeds in excess of 10"
•             Improper storage of trash and debris
•             Parking in the grass
•             Improper storage of unlicensed and inoperable vehicles
•             Dogs not on a leash
If you think there might be a code violation in our neighborhood, contact the Neighborhood Services division to investigate.                
You can call 816-969-1200


May Yard of the Month

Yard of the Month
Introducing the Yard of the Month! 
This new program recognizes the efforts of homeowners that demonstrate a clear and consistent desire to maintain or improve their properties and whose efforts are a model and inspiration for the neighborhood or others to follow. Winners receive a special sign to place in their front yard for the month they are featured.  
We are looking for the best curb appeal (lawns, shrubs, flowers, and trees).  Key criteria includes manicured yard, beautification, originality, and creativity.  The upkeep of the yard can reflect the efforts of the homeowner themselves or that of a professional landscaper or groundskeeper.  
If you would like to nominate a neighbor for Yard of the Month please submit their address through the Contact Us page.  
This new program will run from May to September.

Upcoming Events
No Events at this time.